Full-Service Auto Body & Collision Center

Abushi employs a variety of advanced speciality collision techniques, advanced repair options, specialty paint work and more to ensure your exotic vehicle gets the treatment it deserves. We’re not satisfied until all of our methodologies have been exhausted to restore your beautiful vehicle to the most perfect condition possible.


We know that repairing an area with significant damage requires precision reproduction of the original material to align with the unaffected area, so that the resulting structure looks brand-new. We also offer cost-effective carbon fiber repair for full components, such as bumpers, splitters, side skirts, and diffusers. The cost of our reproductive work, whether for a small area or an entire component, pales in comparison to the cost of a replacement part from the dealer.

Furthermore, we utilize refinishing services that remove all of the damaged resin with a proprietary media abrasive, which exposes the raw carbon without causing any damage. Finally, we reapply layers of high-quality, high-temp resistance resin to obtain the perfect, untouched look, and refinish with our Glasurit Paint Clear and polish to exacting factory finish standards. All to give your vehicle the same perfect look and feel as if you’d just taken it to the dealership for your collision work, at a fraction of the cost.


Remember how we said we’re obsessed with getting your car back to you as if it were brand-new? Let’s talk about our aluminum certified repair technicians. The training that our technicians complete and the skill set they employ reflects a commitment to your car’s repair like none other. In order to be the best, you have to be certified in working with the right tools, and know how to properly apply those tools every time, in every situation. Extremely specific tools are necessary for proper aluminum repair, and the time that goes into training to use those tools appropriately is enormous.

Each vehicle manufacturer, for example, has a specific frame bench with fixture attachments designed to work specifically on certain makes and models of their vehicles. This ensures that, when working on a luxury vehicle, we are measuring these vehicle frames to within millimeters of their original factory specs, and that the tools used all function within those frameworks as well. This means calibrations at smaller-than-naked-eye-visibility to ensure only the greatest integrity for the repair of your vehicle.

Additionally, for aluminum repairs, we have a specifically designated area to ensure no cross-contamination can occur between aluminum and steel particles, to ensure the proper repair of both structural and non-structural damage. Our manufacturer-certified equipment, including state-of-the-art aluminum welding systems, isolation booths, and repair tools are all designed to ensure manufacturer standards and factory repair procedures are met. Obsessed? You bet we are.

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Removing a dent without using paint? Sounds like some kind of strange magic, right? Well, in a way, it is: paintless dent removal requires the use of specific tools and careful calibration to massage a dent out of a surface so gently it retains all of its original paint and therefore, doesn’t require any further paint! Our highly-skilled technicians perform this by accessing the back of the dent and manipulating it very carefully.

Most dents from dime- to softball-sized can generally be repaired using this method as long as the paint is still intact. Some areas are more forgiving than others in terms of working the dent out, and our technicians will assess the damage first and foremost and make a determination as to whether or not paintless dent repair can be employed in the removal of your vehicle’s dent(s). While many dents can be ameliorated with paintless dent repair, not all of them can, in which case, we can start looking at other kinds of repair for these issues.


We have the ability to expertly match any color you wish for your vehicle to your exacting standards, ensuring that it looks exactly as though it just came from the factory when you drive it away. Getting it close simply isn’t good enough; we pride ourselves on precisely and exactly matching your finish. Whether you’re needing to restore the exterior of your vehicle to its original color and brightness or try out an entirely new color for your vehicle’s finish, our expert color matching will get you precisely the right color, every time.

Are you simply needing some area work due to a repair or problem with the finish? With our color matching you won’t be able to tell the original areas from the repairs. We get the color right the first time in our state-of-the-art facility with only the newest and most updated equipment, effectively upholding the luxury standards we demand for your luxury and exotic vehicles. For the uncompromising enthusiast, look no further than Abushi for all of your paint restoration needs.

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At Abushi, we pride ourselves in our commitment to craftsmanship, from our custom restorations and rebuilds to our color matching and factory finishing capabilities. We deliver only the highest-quality craftsmanship by a team of technicians, designers, fabricators, mechanics and painters who are obsessively devoted to perfection in everything that they do. Furthermore, we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee to our clients for everything that we do.

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Our technicians aren’t just the best of the best, they’re also factory-trained to ensure your vehicle only gets touched by the most highly-skilled hands in the world. We pride ourselves on ensuring our technicians are all trained on the latest, newest, most innovative technologies available — after all, these are the same technologies we use in our facility. Employing factory-trained technicians means your vehicle will be in the best possible hands — hands that have learned specifically how to work on your luxury car.


Our use of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts is a pretty simple decision, really: why would we install something in or on your car that wasn’t specifically designed for it by the manufacturer? Aftermarket parts have no place at Abushi, where we work exclusively with the parts designed for your vehicle. When perfection is your goal — and it’s always ours — you can’t afford to make shortcuts or compromise on quality.

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Along with using OEM parts, we also implement proper OEM repair procedures when we are working on your luxury vehicle. Doing things properly means doing them exactly according to the manufacturer. We utilize proper OEM procedures for repairs at Abushi to guarantee your vehicle is being repaired to the exacting guidelines with which it was originally built.


Our paint refinishing uses factory OEM Paint (Glasurit & PPG) to ensure your refinish looks exactly the same as your original finish. Furthermore, we follow OEM paint refinishing procedures directly from the manufacturer, so that your finish looks as though you took it back to its original point of fabrication for refinishing.

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Our factory certified tools and equipment include, but are not limited to, a Celette 3D Electronic measuring system, as well as genuine manufacturer parts & materials that carry a factory warranty, a climate controlled downdraft spraying and baking booth, paint mixing rooms equipped with latest computer software for matching OEM colors, and Celette OEM approved structural repair equipment. Furthermore, we have a specifically-designated room for aluminum cosmetic and structural repairs.


At Abushi, our devotion to all things luxury and exotic goes considerably beyond the norm for any shop in the New York area. We’re enthusiasts, too, and it shows in the passion and dedication we put into our work, all the time, every time.

While all of these specialty services help to define our place as a leader in specialty collision repair for all types of luxury and exotic vehicles, we go the extra mile — or ten, or twenty — in other areas as well.