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Sales, design, and restoration of automotive legends.

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The Abushi Experience

Abushi is transforming the car and auto part buying industry. Our staff is dedicated to exotic and rare vehicles. You can finally find the car of your dreams with the help of the Abushi team. We offer many services so that you can get almost anything you need for your automobile. We can make it stand out or bring it back to its factory glory.


When you shop with Abushi, you are not just getting another vehicle or another accessory, you are joining a community of like minded individuals who share the same passion for cars as you do. Each person that you speak with at Abushi shares this passion and is happy to discuss all of the options you have for upgrading your vehicle’s performance, handling, and appearance as well as service and maintenance.


Vehicle Sales

Whether you are looking to purchase a new vehicle or get parts for your car, the team at Abushi would be happy to help. Offering nothing but the highest quality parts and OEM equipment, Abushi has something for everyone. Want to protect your investment? Choose from one of our many paint protection services designed to keep your vehicle’s paint protected from the elements. Looking for a car that you can’t find anywhere else? We can assist you in locating rare and specialty cars that are usually unavailable to the public. This is the Abushi difference and it makes us who we are.




Restoration is a part of any car that is driven thoroughly and more than a few years old. From basic upkeep to full restorations, we make sure that you are getting the parts that your vehicle needs. Interested in a restomod? Our specialists can walk you through the options available to add modern technology to your vintage build.



Bespoke Design

Anyone can modify a car with cookie cutter parts. Why not stand out from the crowd with custom designed parts? We pride ourselves in designing some of the most unique and custom interior and exterior accessories for vehicles. Custom parts allow you to get the perfect look, color, and design for your car without worrying about poorly manufactured or ill-fitting aftermarket parts. We can completely overhaul the look and feel of your vehicle with bespoke parts such as aero kits, suspension, and even performance tuning.