Importation of motor vehicles into the United States permanently requires permission U.S. Dept of Transportation and U.S. EPA. The U.S. Dept of Transportation handles the safety aspects of the car or motorcycle. Which can include modifications to your vehicles headlights, taillights, side marker light assemblies, high mounted 3rd brake light, bumper reinforcements, door reinforcement beams, a rollover fuel-spill prevention valve, airbags, seat-belt warning system, speedometer and certifications labels. When looking to import a car or motorcycle, you will need to look at the NHTSA List of Nonconforming Vehicles Eligible for Importation. If the car is not on the list, then we would need to petition the car for eligibility, this results in a much longer time frame and additional cost.

The U.S. EPA, handles compliance for the Emissions standards which includes changes to the catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, evaporative canister, purge system, fuel control computer, ECU. Once the modifications are complete, we conduct an emissions test by an independent EPA laboratory. After testing is complete, we file a report with EPA and they clear the car 15 business days later.

All vehicles need to clear through U.S. customs and most require customs bond and agency bonds depending on the type of importation.

The import and conversion process generally takes an average of 90-120 days.


In order to bring the vehicle to our facility, it has to be cleared through customs.

The Following Documents Are Required:

  • Copy of Bill of Sale
  • Copy of Vehicle Title
  • Power of Attorney for Broker
  • Bonding & Clearing documents
  • Copy of Owners Driver License
  • Copy of Insurance (liability insurance & physical damage)

The Process:

  • First step is we Arrange shipping and customs clearance with a freight forwarder and a U.S. Customs Broker.
  • After the car arrives at our facility, we will do all of the necessary modifications to bring it into conformity with DOT and EPA regulations. This generally takes an average of 90-120 days.
  • We require a deposit of the base price plus agency fees with execution of the contract and the balance will be due upon receipt of parts for the vehicle or as billed to us by each supplier. We require all customs charges paid in full before we will take possession of the vehicle.
  • After the conversion, we will put together a licensing package that will help you to get your tags and title in whichever state you choose except California.