As a discerning luxury vehicle owner, you deserve to have an incredible experience throughout the entire time you own your car, including when it comes time to sell it. Eliminate the hassle that comes from trying to list and sell your car on your own — and avoid the potential loss of value when trading it in — by consigning your vehicle with us. Our process allows you to enjoy a quick sale for top dollar. We’ll find a qualified buyer who is searching for an exotic or speciality automobile just like yours while alleviating any stress on your part.

Our vehicle consignment process includes:

  • Needs consultation
  • Bumper-to-bumper vehicle inspection
  • Vehicle appraisal and market analysis
  • Recommendations for pre-sale improvements or reconditioning
  • Auto detailing
  • Photos and listings
  • Customer test drives
  • Negotiations
  • Financing assistance
  • Payment securing and funds distribution

Specializing in the buying and selling of luxury and exotic European automobiles, we act as your advocate and partner in the consignment of your high-end vehicle. Somewhere out there, there is a car enthusiast who is in search of your specific vehicle, and we’ll find that person. Backed by a network of automotive industry professionals, our team has the power and connections needed to ensure a swift and satisfactory transaction. Contact the Abushi Automotive team now for more information.