Whether it’s a Lamborghini or a Ferarri, a Porsche or a Rolls-Royce, your exotic car deserves only the best in maintenance and repair work available in New York. In today’s blog we’ll explore some of the basic maintenance and repair questions, and discuss why it’s so crucial to take your exotic car to a specialty shop like Abushi.

Check for Common Problems

Every single car has its own quirks and issues, and some of them stem merely from that particular model or that model in that year. You should always be advised about the problems that could come up with your baby. We can always assist our fellow New York exotic car enthusiasts with this at Abushi, too.

Fortunately, we have the Internet, and there are myriad websites out there targeted towards diagnosing the problem on your car specifically. If your car is brand new and these problems come up, you’ll need to be sure to get it fixed ASAP. This may even involve a recall or taking it in to be serviced. It all depends on how serious the problem really is. 

Don’t delay on fixing common problems with your car, and make sure you do your due diligence in research before purchasing it, whether you buy it used or new. If you don’t get these common problems fixed — and have the receipts to show for it — you may end up not getting as many buyers when you want to sell it, or you may end up with only lowball offers. 

Get It Serviced

Plan on getting your exotic car serviced regularly, and we don’t mean bringing it down to your Uncle Joe’s Every-Car Repair Shop. An exotic car demands greater care than just any old regular repair shop can give it. Make sure that you only take your exotic car to a specialty garage. 

The reason for this is simple: the guys at Uncle Joe’s are probably great guys, but the only place they’ve ever seen a Ferrari is in a magazine. It’s not that they wouldn’t try to do good work on your car; it’s just that they don’t really know how to. It’s kind of like going to a General Physician when you have a cancer diagnosis; while they are a doctor, they’re not trained in that speciality, and would refer you to an Oncologist. 

At a specialty garage, like Abushi in New York, technicians have been through the wringer working on exotic cars and exotic cars alone. These guys know your car front-to-back and side-to-side. They know exactly what it needs in terms of service and what that is going to look like in terms of how much you can expect to spend. They have the certifications and the backing in training from the manufacturers and often are actually certified by the manufacturers themselves in servicing your car in particular.

Clean It Regularly

You should be cleaning your car more regularly than you would a non-exotic vehicle, and with considerably more care. You’ll also want to do this by hand. Have you ever seen someone in a Lambo going through an automatic car wash? Yeah, we haven’t either. That’s because if you own a Lambo or any other exotic vehicle, you’re invested in its looks.

What does that mean? It means a gentle removal of dirt, a hand wash with soapy water and a thorough rinsing, hand drying, and a careful application of wax to keep it gleaming and looking gorgeous. What is the point of owning an exotic car if you just let it stay filthy all the time?

In Conclusion

It seems like a lot of work but really, it isn’t. All of these items are spread out over time; it isn’t like you have to get it serviced, checked for common problems, and then thoroughly clean it every single day. If you follow through on these fairly simple tips to keep your exotic vehicle in the best condition possible, you’ll not only enjoy driving it for years to come, you’ll get a great price for it when you want to sell it.

If you have any questions please contact us at Abushi in New York, anytime. We are always here to assist you. We’ll be happy to help with anything we can, given the breadth of our experience and expertise and our love for exotic cars. Contact us today!