Our Philosophy

Abushi is a design house of artisans that aspire to create unique projects while achieving the perfect balance of beauty, innovation and functionality. The exceptional work is a result of pride and devotion of highly skilled people crafting the most stunning vehicles. It’s the endless journey of creativity, perfection, and thoughtfulness, which are the core foundation of the Abushi philosophy. And so, clients don’t just purchase Abushi pieces, they collect them.

Our Foundation

Abushi is reinventing modern-day artistry and they’re doing it with their eclectic vision. These 4 tight-knit brothers were raised on traditional values, morals, and determination to achieve excellence. Their unbreakable dynamic formed a lifestyle that recognized them as designer’s worthy of legend.

Our Brand

The Abushi brand is luxury, but the vision is evolutionary. Every design is followed with the pursuit of perfection. Within every leather embroidered stitch or embellished exterior paintwork, the art of each build is meticulously tailored to detail. And it is this caliber that makes an Abushi build, an elegant iconic collectable.