Buying A New Luxury Vehicle? Get The Abushi Experience

Abushi has partnered with local exotic and luxury dealers to bring you the greatest experience in purchasing a new luxury car.

Crossing a Threshold: Buying A New Luxury Vehicle

Buying a new luxury or exotic car is an experience like none other. You’re committing to the ownership of one of the most iconic cars in the world, one of the most beautifully-manufactured cars known to man. A luxury car or an exotic care goes beyond the name; it denotes a certain type of owner: specifically, a driver. People who own these vehicles are people who love to drive. People who drive for the enjoyment of it. People for whom the journey is often the reward.

At Abushi, we’re familiar with the incredible experience that is luxury and exotic car ownership. That’s why we’ve paired with local dealerships who will deliver the vehicles to our shop for your test driving pleasure. We want to make sure you get the complete Abushi experience. As a driver, you deserve it.

  • Test drives of new vehicles from our shop
  • Negotiation
  • Sales
  • Specifications
  • Finding the right model for you
  • Additional customization
  • Vehicle delivery
  • New Vehicles Available


    In-House Customization


    Negotiation and Sales


    Delivery of Your New Luxury Car


    As the broker, we do everything we can to make sure your needs are met and your interests are taken care of. From finding the perfect model for you to negotiating the best possible price, to finalizing the sale and any customization requirements you may need. Our shop will manage all of the customizations you need, offering you only the best in making your exotic or luxury vehicle truly yours. And you’ll pick it up at our shop, where we will be able to go over every inch, every customization, every one of your questions, concerns and needs.


    for a truly personalized experience in purchasing your new luxury vehicle. We’re the broker who always has your needs in mind.

    At Abushi, we know what luxury and exotic car drivers are looking for, because we are drivers of those cars ourselves. We absolutely love customization work and we love getting our customers the best bang for their buck. Contact us today about purchasing your new luxury vehicle, and let us take you on a journey to your new ride.

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